Your Event Coordinators

Jeanne Fenlason - Events Coordinator

Sonja Babich - Director of Sales & Marketing


When you enter the stunning Blackberry Ridge Golf Club drive-way your experience begins.  It begins with your private tour with our Director of Sales & Marketing - Sonja Babich.  Sonja will thoroughly describe your wedding day at Blackberry Ridge G.C, learn about your picture perfect day that you two have always imagined, and show you how to capture it at Blackberry Ridge G.C.  Making your decision very easy to feel confident with choosing your wedding day at Blackberry Ridge Golf Club.  

Let the wedding planning begin! Planning your day with Sonja will be flawless and fun at the same time.  She will make sure all the details are covered - making you feel confident with your wedding day at Blackberry Ridge G.C.  She is great at email and communication and always willing to go the extra mile if needed to make sure your day is amazing!

Your final meeting will seal the deal that you chose the right wedding venue, when you meet Jeanne Fenlason your personal event coordinator for your wedding day.  Sonja and Jeanne will make sure all details are communicated one more time - to make sure everything is covered perfectly and professionally for your wedding day.  Jeanne will run your day from start to finish flawlessy and making sure that you two are loving every minute of your wedding day! It’s perfect!  

Sonja & Jeanne are celebrating 6 years together as a team!  They are ready to plan and make your picture perfect wedding day come true at Blackberry Ridge Golf Club. 

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